Taiwan: Prof. Tung Liang Chiang (江東亮)
Professor at the College of Public Health, National Taiwan University
Together with Prof. Yang Zhiliang of Asia University, Taiwan, he designed and developed Taiwan’s National Health Insurance system (implemented since 1995). He is an internationally recognized authority in public health and health policy studies.

South Korea: Prof. Soon-man Kwon
Professor at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Seoul National University
Together with Prof. Moon Ok Ryun, he designed and managed South Korea’s National Health Insurance system (implemented since 1989). Recently, he has been active internationally in the fields of international health and health finance.

Singapore: Prof. Phua Kai Hong
Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore
He pioneered the Medical Savings Account system (MSA, implemented since 1984) in Singapore. Currently, he serves as a policy advisor and is active internationally, including in Tajikistan.

Hong Kong: Prof. Peter P. Yuen
Dean at the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE), Hong Kong Polytechnic University
A health economist and policy expert involved in improving and managing the Hong Kong health insurance system, which originated from the UK. He has trained many policy researchers during his tenure.

Thailand: Dr. Winai Sawasdivorn
Former Secretary-General of the Thai Health Insurance Office
Together with Dr. Sanguan Nitayarumphong, he designed and promoted Thailand’s national health insurance policy, known as the “30 Baht Policy” (implemented since 2001). He subsequently served as the Secretary-General of the Thai Health Insurance Office.

Hasegawa Tomonori
Professor of the Department of Social Medicine, Toho University School of Medicine
From 2001 to 2010, he supported Japan’s health and medical reforms as an advisor to the Cabinet Office Regulatory Reform Council. He’s also a board member of the Japan Council for Quality Health Care.

Hasegawa Toshihiko
Founder and Head of Dragon Net
He joined the former Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1986 and proposed policies such as “Cancer Strategy” and “Zero Bedridden Elderly Campaign”. After serving as a Division Chief at JICA, he worked in various leadership roles, being involved in projects like “Healthy Japan 21”, “Medical Plan”, and “Medical Safety”. He published “Health Care System Reform and Policy Research in Japan”, an analysis of the last 40 years of Japan’s health system reforms.

Hirao Tomohiro
Professor of Public Health, Kagawa University Faculty of Medicine
While his primary focus is on international health and health policy research, his expertise spans preventive medicine, health technology assessment, medical safety, and healthcare professional safety. He also served as the Vice Director of Kagawa University Hospital until 2017.